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Snapchat Finally Giving Android Users First Class Treatment

Android Authority, John Callaham

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel admitted that the company needed to “accelerate the adoption of our product among Android users”.


Therefore, Spiegel stated that over the next year the Snapchat development team would focus its energies on developing an all-new Android version of the app, which he said would be built “from the ground up.”

As someone who goes back and forth with iOS and Android, I find this to be true. When I was on iPhone earlier this year Snapchat was an amazing app to open up and use. Quicky take a photo and share it with no problem. Now that I switched to Android this year I use Snapchat pretty often on iOS I used daily on Android I probably to take a photo and share it because the app is laggy and just a horrible experience.

I don’t understand why big companies like Snap don’t give the Android app much love. Android is a bigger mobile OS right now, and it would benefit Snap to give Android users that same level of respect that it gives to iOS users.

I just hope that this rebuild of the new Snapchat app is not too late for the company.


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