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My Morning Routine

It’s 6:00am while I’m writing this post. I woke up at 4:50am and been waking up at this time now for the past 2 weeks. So what is my morning routine?

  • I don’t check my phone, only to turn off the alarm. I don’t see any tweets or news alerts, and emails.
  • I take a nice shower, start off warm and end it with a cold water, to wake up my body and mind.
  • Make breakfast, usually, I eat 2 boil eggs, apple, some crackers and 2 glasses of water.

After I do all the things above in the list an hour goes by quickly. I go into my mini home office slash my room and start checking my phone for emails, messages, tweets, and news alerts. So why do I wait an hour after to do all those things, first because those things can wait and because I need some time alone where I’m planning my day of things I want to accomplish today.

Waking up at 4:50am has changed my body and mind.

It’s a basic morning routine¬†that works for me and allows me to prepare for the day to conquer the day.


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