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How To Blog Successfully

How to become a successful blogger is an easy and hard question to answer. I have always wanted to write a post about this topic, not because I feel like I have an answer to the question, but because I can share some thoughts about being a successful blogger. So let’s begin on how to become a successful blogger in the year 2017.

1. Pay For Domain and Host Service

The first step is important because owning a domain puts down that you’re serious about blogging. If you are using a free service to host your blog, your probably going to get nowhere. Also, you want your blog to look professional and not be showing this “host your blog free here” or this “”. So that means you will have to invest a bit of money I recommend you check out WordPress which most bloggers use or Squarespace. They are not paying me for telling you to check out those services.

2. Find Your Topic

You gotta find your thing you want to write about on your blog. So take my blog where I write mostly about Apple, and Apple Products/Software. But also I write about technology news that I find interesting and maybe you find it too. Sometimes I write about how to stuff, like this post on how to blog successfully in the year 2017. If you’re going to write about travel only, then only write about travel don’t write about sports.


It’s 2017, a lot of people have their blogs, it’s easy to get started and pay for a service as well. But the hard part is updating your blog. You have to keep writing every day because others are doing as well. There are times when I don’t want write at all, but I still write because I know if I don’t my blog will never reach that level I wanted to reach.

4. Have Fun

Don’t stress out about your blog, you won’t see any results on the first day. Only if your lucky and your post goes viral.



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