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The Watch Bands Collection


So I wanted to share some of my favorite bands for the Apple Watch, from Apple and third party ones as well. Apple has a few nice watch bands to choose if you’re looking to change your style around. So let’s start from left to right. The red sport band I enjoy wearing when I am sweating or I’m wearing red and want to match with my outfit.

The pollen nylon band is from their spring collection, it’s nice to wear right now in the summer because all the colors are vibrant.

The Nike blue/black sport band was released this week after Apple finished giving their WWDC 17 conference on Monday. It’s really cool and have been wearing it every day since I bought it right now it just feels a bit different than the red sport band I own. Thanks to the design of holes let the air pass.

The black nylon band was the one I got when I bought the Apple Watch. I enjoy wearing it from time to time.

There are a ton of third-party watch bands you can choose from by tried Incase’s watch band and it’s nice to wear on formal days. The only downside to it is the long strap, I wish it was a bit shorter like Apple’s nylon bands but the quality is there and highly recommend it.

Those are my watch band collection, let’s hope Apple keeps the design of straps for a while.


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