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iOS 11 Early Thoughts

So Apple this week host WWDC 17. And showed off iOS 11 to developers and to the world as well. And I wanted to give my thoughts about iOS 11.


So with iOS 11 Siri is opening up a little more thanks to Sirikit. Now only is Siri getting a new voice it’s also getting some text love. That’s right you now be able to write to Siri a question, something Apple did not mention but will have the option in settings.

Control Center

Control center got another redesign in iOS 11. This time it’s a bit more weirder and the design they choose. But now that I am reading more about iOS 11 and checking out some other bloggers about what you can do in control center now is pretty cool. You will now have the option to customize control center. This could mean that Apple might be thinking of opening up control center in the future, maybe you will be able to do more from control center.

Lock Screen

This is a bit confusing, because now when you slide down your notifications you will be sliding down the lock screen as well. Then when you slide down your notification page you will have to slide up to see the rest of your notifications. A bit confusing on why Apple is bring the lock screen to the notification area.

iOS 11 is mostly giving the love to the iPad. But I like what I am seeing so far in iOS 11 for the iPhone. Stay tuned for my video review of iOS 11 in the fall.


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