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One Week After I Deleted The Facebook App From My iPhone


Last week I wrote a blog post about I was going to delete the Facebook app on my iPhone. I did not know what I was getting myself into, I thought I was not going to last one week without the Facebook app on my iPhone. But I did it.

Differences I noticed on the iPhone was a bit longer battery life, and more storage. Facebook every time when they release an update to its app it’s always 800mb or more. I understand there are a ton of features in the app and need space but every time it was getting bigger and bigger the update. Now I have more space on my iPhone for other apps and photos as well.

It was surprising how I did not forget that I delete Facebook app of my iPhone, I never searched for it using spotlight. Every time I go on my local transportation I used to open the Facebook now I don’t I just open Twitter because it’s my favorite¬†platform right now. And I’m a news junkie as well.

But ya I still have not installed the Facebook on my iPhone and don’t plan on doing it. I still go on Facebook when I come back from work and go on my computer. But other than that I don’t miss it on my iPhone. I recommend it if you want to lower your Facebook consumption or just want more storage as well, that the app is robbing you.

Apple really needs to talk to Facebook about their app.


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