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The Apple Watch Black Screen Is A Style Icon

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This blog post might be a joke or not.

So the Apple Watch has a unique design that I love. Everything about the Apple Watch great except for some slow updates that take 30-1hr to finish. Or how slow it is to open an app for the first time.

Many users wish Apple could add an always-on feature to the Watch instead of just holding a black screen around your wrist. Watches are supposed to show you the time even if you’re not looking at the watch, but Apple does not support an always-on feature. Maybe it’s because the battery on the watch is not very good to support an always-on feature.

But to me, the black screen on the Apple Watch is a style icon. In the beginning, the Apple advertised the watch in a lot of fashion magazine. It even sold a 10K gold Watch, remember that. Every time I go out to downtown I see more and more people wearing an Apple Watch compared to the first year I bought it and no one was wearing an Apple Watch. But from far I know it’s an Apple Watch because it’s black screen is showing. And I think Apple might have not added this feature on purpose, maybe it wanted to be able to support an always-on feature. But the black screen not only is easily recognized from afar. But it works with fashion, black and white are the only two colors that can mix with other colors and it will still look good.

I have been trying to step up my fashion game, and the Apple Watch mixes great with any fashion choices I decided to go with.

I would still love for Apple to have an option for an always-on feature. But at the same time, I am happy having a black screen on my wrist its dope.


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