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Why I Deleted The Facebook App From My iPhone

So I today I did the unthinkable. I deleted the Facebook and Messenger app from my iPhone. Now I did not quit Facebook, I just deleted its iOS app from my iOS device. I will probably feel a bit weird because I always open the Facebook when I am out and about.


Now, your probably reading this and thinking why I did this. It’s not because I am taking a Facebook sabbatical I will still open it up whenever I am at home and see what everyone around me is up to. I did this because the Facebook app on iOS is just so big, and what I mean about this, is that the memory and the size of updates it gets every time I update the app is just crazy.


Now understand why it takes up a lot of memory and size of memory on the iPhone. You have auto live videos playing, location is ON, and other background stuff is happing. But I just got tired of seeing my phone dying fast. And my memory on my iPhone getting eats up by one iPhone app every time it gets an update. So I did it, I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone. Now I could have turned off those features that eat up the battery in the settings page on the app, but I want to see the difference.

Like I wrote earlier in the blog post, I will be probably be searching for the Facebook app on spotlight only to remind myself that I deleted the app. I will update you with what happens in this test.



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