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Turning Off Apple Watch Notifications

So I have been using every day the Apple Watch for the past year. At first, I was excited that I would not have to take out my phone to see notifications  I was going to be able to check them on the Watch. And I did for the first couple of months. But then those few months and I was getting annoyed. Getting every email, and third-party app notifications on the wrist and as well on my iPhone. And getting out my iPhone to check those notifications.


So what I did last week was open the Watch app and go into the notifications and turn off almost all my notifications from getting to my Apple Watch. I only left some notifications on for some apps like Snapchat and etc…


At first, it felt really weird not getting a buzz on my wrist almost every hour or every 30mins because a new email has arrived. I forgot at first I had turned off some of my notifications for some apps. Then on the 2nd day, I would actually check my watch because I knew I had a notification which I had to attend to because I prioritized some apps to still receive notifications to my Apple Watch.

Its been a whole week and will probably keep those notifications off for those apps for now on.



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