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Why I Youtube, Blog, And Podcast

So I have been uploading to Youtube for about 2 years seriously. And been blogging for about 5+ years. Podcasting for about 3 years now. Why do I do all this?


I Youtube because first I want to share cool things that interest me and share that with others who might have the same interest as well. Another reason is that it is my dream to make a living doing something I enjoy. Video has been a passion the first time I was introduced to it in my first year of college. Being able to control my content and being able to share that has been a blast. You can check out my channel here and maybe subscribe.


I am not new at blogging, I have started blogs like no tomorrow and have stopped blogging on those old blogs. But I told myself that I can’t do that with this blog and have kept it up to date. I blog because sometimes make a video about it does not make sense, but writing about it does. Kinda hard to explain, but also to prove to myself I can keep something to date even if no one is reading it. **Blogging is not dead.


I have wanted to start a podcast ever since I got into listening to podcast. Serial has been my favorite show to listen too. Podcast allows me to talk about stuff that I read about and share it in audio format. Like android news, I enjoy reading about it, but then I want to give my thoughts on what I think about the latest android feature and podcasting allows me to do that. You can also subscribe to my new podcast The Pixel where I talk about android.

That is why I Youtube, Blog, and Podcast. Because it’s something I enjoy and something I want to work on more.


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