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The iPhone, My Daily Driver

My first iPhone I bought was the 5C. It was the first time Apple released a cheaper model of its iPhone line-up. (The green model was my choice) I was on android for a while, and still am on android but my daily driver is the iPhone right now.




Widgets got a nice upgrade and design change as well in iOS 10. And I have been using the widgets more daily. Examples how widgets make using the iPhone faster is by the way they show the information fast. I use Partly Sunny as my main weather app, and it comes with a widget I always check the weather by looking at the widget. Widgets in iOS 10 have made it easier for me to see information about an app I have installed without having to open the app.

Control Center


Night shift in control center has been a game changer. I have it setup late enough that when I go to bed my eyes don’t get strain when I am reading or checking something on the iPhone. Control center is something I use every day, to control brightness, flashlight and volume control.



So extensions are a game changer and have been on the iPhone for a while. I use Opener to open links from an app to another app. The Sorted extensions is one my new favorite extension right now. Extensions have made it easier to share content from one app to another. It has made it faster to do something from within an app without having to close and app and open another app. And has changed the way I get around in iOS.

Now Apple has done a good job of making the iPhone a great way to get things done. But also has it needs to do more as well in many different areas.

I can’t wait to see what is new in iOS 11 and if I will get some of the features I have been asking for.




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