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“Hi, I’m an iPad Pro”

iMore, Rene Ritchie

Apple has had its biggest success with iPad when it’s targeted people who were alienated and frustrated by traditional Windows PCs. Smart people. Productive people. Creative people. People who, simply by virtue of nature or nurture, found pointers and file systems indirect and abstract.


If Apple is smart and hits exactly the right pain points and shows exactly how iPad Pro can address them and make our computing lives less miserable, it could be a huge win.

Apple’s has always been good in these marketing videos. And I agree as a Windows user I have so many problems that I get everyday while using this OS.  Apple has a chance here to steal some people who want to switch to Apple, but don’t want the Mac but want the iPad but does not know what it can do.

If I had the money I would switch to the Apple ecosystem 100%.



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