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Project Phoenix – Twitterrific For MacOS

The Iconfactory

We’ve been missing Twitterrific on our Macs for a long time and we know we’re not alone. Today we’re announcing a plan to bring it back: Project Phoenix.

After much consideration, we decided that the best way forward was to go back to the beginning. Rather than bending the long-neglected Twitterrific for Mac into a new shape, we will borrow what we can from iOS and use it to build a modern new macOS app.

I was listening to a podcast 2 days ago where the podcasters were talking about how they missed Twitterrific for MacOS. And now it looks like it’s coming back if they raise the money. Will see here if Mac users still want Twitterrific App for the Mac. But it’s interesting how they won’t be uploading to the Mac App Store when it’s finish.

If you miss Twitterrific for the Mac this is your chance to bring it back from the dead.


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