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Twitter Algorithmic Timeline Update Is Working

Buzzfeed, Alex Kantrowitz

In Twitter’s most recent earnings call, held last October, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was quick to point out the algorithm’s positive influence on Twitter’s business. Asked what Twitter product changes were leading to revenue and engagement growth, Dorsey’s first point was the timeline update. “We made a change earlier in the year to make sure that we’re not just sorting by recency but also by relevance,” Dorsey explained. “We’re showing the most important tweets and the tweets that you really need to see faster and higher up in your timeline.” A year after it was introduced, less than 2% of people have opted out of the algorithm, a number that remains consistent from when it was first announced last year, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed.

I have been enjoying the new timeline change. I was one of those people that kinda did not Twitter to change the timeline. But I am happy to report that I am seeing tweets faster and ones I want to see, thanks to the update but also because I keep liking tweets as well.



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