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Freeland Appointed Foreign Affair Minister To Negotiate With Trump Administration

Globe and Mail, Robert Fife

Ms. Freeland, who takes over from Mr. Dion, will become one of the most powerful foreign affairs ministers in recent times. Her duties will include not only international affairs but the whole gamut of U.S. trade policy including the softwood lumber dispute and possible renegotiation of the 1994 North America free-trade agreement.


Ms. Freeland, who has been banned from Russia for her strong support of Ukraine, is the first woman to be the top diplomat since Barbara McDougall held the job from 1991-93. Mr. Trudeau played down the significance of Ms. Freeland being on Russia’s retaliatory list after Canada imposed sanctions in 2014.


America first means Canada second and Mr. Trudeau needs someone who can very delicately manoeuvre around that so that there is no major impact on Canadian business,” Mr. Browder said in an interview. “She is very accomplished, very smart and extremely personable. Those are good attributes for a foreign affairs minister.”

Interesting choices that PM Trudeau has made today.


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