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Favorite iOS Apps Of 2016

This year 2016 was a great year for iOS users because there were some great iOS apps to check out. But what makes a favorite iOS app? For me is one you use and open at least once a week. These are my favorite iOS apps for 2016.



I listen to a lot of podcast and Castro has been my go to podcast app of choice. I enjoy using Castro because of how simple it is and light weight the app is. It just works for me.

Partly Sunny


I am a huge fan of weather apps. I use them a lot and have downloaded a lot of them on my iPhone. What I like about Partly Sunny is how beautiful the design is and how much information is shown really simple.

Diverge App


If you read a lot The Verge like I do. You would want to check this app out. Diverge is a third party app which allows you to read The Verge articles.



MacHash has been my go to app for Apple News. And what other people are writing about as well. It’s great because you can see the latest in Apple news and rumors from one page.



YTCount app is great because as a Youtuber subscriber numbers are important. And just having a simple way to view your subscriber count in real time is perfect.



Tweetstory is like TimeHop. You can see your past tweets and share them. I have this installed because I enjoy seeing what I have tweeted in the past.



VSCO is the only photo editing app I have installed in my iPhone. And it’s the only I use to edit my photos before I upload it to Instagram.



Keeping up with TV shows was easy in 2016 because of Couchy. I never forgot or missed an episode of my favorite TV show.



2016 was the year I got my Apple Watch. And have been a fan of it ever since. I use the app mostly to see battery life and heart rate information. CardioBot makes it simple and easy as well.


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