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3 Months With WatchOS3

OK it’s been about 3 months now that I installed WatchOS3 onto my Apple Watch. And I want to share my thoughts about the new update. What I like and dislike about the new OS, on the watch.

So let’s start with speed of the app loading on the Watch. It’s much more faster than before, the first time you open the app on the Watch it takes a while but after it does open quickly. Battery life, I have not seen a difference in battery before WatchOS3 my Watch was still in the green at the end of a long day and it’s still green.

Contacts and Heart sending were things I never used on the Watch. So I was happy when Apple kinda reset the Watch and took those features out the Watch. Now the bottom button has a better use it opens up the dock where you can to choose your favourite apps you want to keep open and which help to open the apps faster.


Control center is a useful with more information, I use it at least once a week to turn on don’t disturb mode.

On WatchOS3 Apple introduced a new faster way to message called Scribble. I use Scribble a lot when someone text me or when I need to send a message to someone else.

At the end of all this, I am very happy with WatchOS3. There are some things that I wish were a bit better but I think this is the OS that Apple wanted to have on opening day for the Apple Watch. I can’t wait for WatchOS4.


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