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Sun App – A Beautiful Weather App For iPhone

Sun app is a new weather app that was released a month ago for the iPhone. But it shows you the weather in the most simple format, yet gorgeous. When you open the app you will see your area and the weather as well as the time. But what makes this different from all the other weather app is when you slide your finger you can see how the weather will be 2 hours or 17 hours ahead. Now the app is called Sun because when you slide your finger a small sun will slowly pop up and then in the middle of the day it will be bright, when evening hits it will slowly die down.

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When you slide down. You will find Hourly Precipitation which is powered by Dark Sky. All the way in the bottom you will find information like sunset or sunrise.

If you pull down the app you can add other locations like New York, or a different city from a different country.

The app cost $1.99 in the app store, if your looking for something different I recommend you check out Sun App.


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