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Siri Is Dumb

Recode, Walt Mossberg

In recent weeks, on multiple Apple devices, Siri has been unable to tell me the names of the major-party candidates for president and vice president of the United States. Or when they were debating. Or when the Emmy awards show was due to be on. Or the date of the World Series.

When I asked, “What is the weather on Crete?” Siri gave me the weather for Crete, Illinois, a small village which — while I’m sure it’s great — isn’t what most people mean when they ask for the weather on Crete, the famous Greek island

I use Siri for playing music, setting a timer, and sending text messages. But a lot of times Siri can’t do a simple set-up of a timer. I ask it like 3 times after I just quit and write it down on a third party app. Siri for me has always felt behind. Google and Microsoft and Amazon are far ahead in this game. If Apple does not make Siri smarter and better at understanding it will not be in this game for long.


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