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Apple Watch, Watch Faces I Use Daily and Setup

So there are a few new watch faces that came with WatchOS3. And I want to share what are the watch faces I use daily and for what. So let’s begin.


So number 1 is Mickey Mouse. This watch face I love because it brings some comic and fun. And with the latest WatchOS3 update when you tap the on Mickey it talk’s back to you by telling you the time. I usually choose this watch face when I am going out to eat with some friends.


Number two is Activity Digital, this watch face came with WatchOS3. I enjoy switching to this watch face when I go for my daily evening runs or walks. It tells me how much more I need to fill those rings up. The apps I use with this watch face is the music, pedometer+, and Heart watch. I just love the bold design on the numbers, I’m a big font geek when it comes to numbers and letter design.


Number 3 is Numerals, this is another new watch face I use on the Apple Watch. I mostly wear this one when I am going shopping and want to see the time in a simple design. But what I love about this watch face is the bold font in the number. Just love it.


Numerals comes at in number 4. But as you can see the difference from the top one is the number 8 has a different font called Rail. I usually choose this one when I am riding the bus and am listening to music.


X-Large watch face got some love with WatchOS3 update. Now you can add a complication to the watch face which is neat. I usually have the weather app, but at the time of writing it seems to not be working. So I switch to tell me the date instead. I have been a fan of the X-Large watch face since day one of owning the Apple Watch just something about simple and big bold numbers pop-ing on the screen I just fell in love with. I usually have this watch face as my default and I am just hanging and just want something in your face style.

Hope you enjoy the watch faces I choose and tell me what your favorite watch faces for the Apple Watch is. And what your setup is as well.


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