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Apple Earnings Report Q3 2016

VentureBeat, Jordan Novet

Apple today disclosed that it made a $7.79 billion profit, or $1.42 in earnings per diluted share, on $42.35 billion in revenue in the third quarter of its 2016 fiscal year, which ended on June 25. Apple beat on earnings and sales — analysts had expected $1.38 in earnings per share on $42.09 billion in sales.

Tim Cook is killing it.

In China

In greater China, Apple said, revenue shot decreased by 33 percent. Other regions were not so hard; in Japan sales shot up 23 percent year to year.

Units of iPhone, Mac, and iPad

Apple said iPhone sales dropped 23 percent and Mac sales were down by 13 percent. Meanwhile iPad sales increased by 7 percent year over year. Once again Apple declined to break out Apple Watch sales or number of units sold.

We still don’t know who much Apple Watches they have sold. But my guess a lot.





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