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Chatbots Saving The Apple Watch

VentureBeat, John Brandon

On your Watch, you’d ask “ConcertBot” to look for venues. You’d teach it to understand that you like Frightened Rabbit and The National. You’d ask it to remind you when bands in that genre are playing nearby.

The entire app model is a bad fit for the Watch or any smartphone. The screen is too small. The Watch isn’t really powerful enough. Yet, if a chatbot can look for restaurants or check fuel prices, remind you about meetings, and even look for photos on your iPhone, the device will suddenly become much more powerful and useful. I can imagine having chatbots for a home security system, for my car, or for eating establishments. If they existed, I’d install a dozen of them (or, ideally, one that can do multiple things and connect to multiple services).

This makes a bit more sense. But Apple makes lots of money off the app store. But if Apple does make a bot store, I think Apple will need to do some marketing for non tech users.


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