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My Take On Pokemon Go

It’s been a few days that Pokemon Go was released in the US and some parts of Europe. When Nintendo teased the game no one knew how big this game was going to be. The idea of walking around trying to catch them all with your phone was cool, since I was a kid that’s all I wanted to do. Pokemon Go uses your phones GPS and uses AR technology so it looks like the Pokemon is really there when your looking through the screen.

I have not played it since it’s not out in Canada yet. Yes I know I can download it if I made a US iTunes account, but I can wait for Canadian version to come out. But here in Ottawa I went to downtown to see how much people are playing the game. And one of the main downtown parks is full of people sitting – standing trying to catch some Pokemon’s.

Nintendo right now has hit the jackpot with the game, their stock is up and investors are jumping right now. But there is downside, now the company Niantic Inc has to keep updating the game with some fun cool features to keep the game interesting. Maybe Nintendo has found it’s secret sauce and mobile will be their big thing.

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