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Twitter Is Finally Making These Changes

Today in a blog post Twitter released some neat updates, and changes that us Twitter users have been asking for a very long time.

So now when you reply to someone their username won’t count in the 140 character limit. So you will now be able to add as much people in your tweet without having to worry about the 140 limit.

Photos, Videos, and all other media that you usually add to your tweet will also not be counted.

You will be able to retweet yourself now or quote yourself as well.

My favorite update has to be that this “.@” you will not need to do. So if you start a tweet with @ it will reach everyone and not just your followers.

Twitter is doing all these updates because it has Wall Street breathing down their necks. Since the stock is really low, and it has not gotten that much users the past years.  This should help new users who are just signing up and have a hard time understanding Twitter.


To find out more about the changes Twitter is doing check out their blog.


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