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Richard Branson Gives Props To PM Justin Trudeau

Richard Branson

I was fortunate enough to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently. Seeing a young, exciting Prime Minister and his colleagues in action was a breath of fresh air. At Davos, where too many people focus on the negatives, he was optimistic on topics ranging from drug policy to climate change to diversity. On the latter, he said: “Diversity isn’t just sound social policy. Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that helps change the world. We know this in Canada.”


Virgin Mobile RE*Generation is investing in helping youth gain skills to get jobs as well as support to live a prosperous and healthy life. I would also encourage Canada to look at programmes such as start-up loans to help create even more opportunities for young people.

This is why PM Justin Trudeau went to Davos to get people like Richard Branson to think of Canada more in business. The Conservative party does not understand this, the PM needs to go to this events where the 1% are to get them to do business in Canada bring them here to invest. I also agree that the PM should be more open to help startups grow and give them investments.

We can’t let Canadian startups go to Silicon Valley, we have to keep them here.


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