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Thoughts On Yesterday Apple Event

So I had enough hours to think about Apple’s event from yesterday. And I wanted to write to give my thoughts on the event. I liked how Tim Cook just skipped the boring information and said they are doing well around the world, as well in China. I guess they skipped it because he had lots to share.

So Tim Cook started with the Apple Watch. Apple showed off new straps for the fall, which are very nice. They talked a bit about watchOS2, but that was a bit boring for me. I did like the presentation from Airstrip. How the Watch’s heart rate can read not just the moms heart, but as well the baby. So there was really nothing that pop out for me.

Next they Tim started talking about TV. And he showed of the new Apple TV. Now they new Apple TV is bigger than the older versions, why? I don’t know. It comes with a new remote called Siri remote. Siri will be the star and the thing that makes Apple TV shine. Apple is saying it will be apps, sure apps will play a huge role in sales for the TV. But the most used feature will probably be Siri. I just might get the this new box because well I don’t have cable and don’t plan on getting anytime soon. Plus I wanna play Crossy Road on the TV

Next Tim Cook took came out with the new iPad Pro, ya it’s big. I was expecting the new iPad Pro to be announce at the event, thanks to all those rumor blogs out there. Thoughts on it, I like I want it but it’s a bit too much. It’s powerful because it’s big but I don’t see myself using it or carrying it around. The stylus, yes they released a nice looking one. I would like to try it out and do a review but other than that I don’t need one right now, maybe in the future.

iPhone 6S was the last product from the event. In the only thing that jumped out for me was the 3D Touch. This new feature will change the ways we use iPhones in the future.

So that’s my thoughts on the event.

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