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Life Sciences First Company Made Under Alphabet

Ben Popper, The Verge

The Life Sciences company will be headed up by Andy Conrad, who was previously the head of….Google Life Sciences. Not much will change under Alphabet, in other words, besides a shuffling of titles and corporate structure. Still, there is no denying that the company’s goals are an exciting use of Google’s ample profits for humanity, if perhaps not as appealing to investors in Google’s advertising business

Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google and the President of Alphabet. Wrote a blog post on his G+ account.

Sergey Brin

They’ll continue to work with other life sciences companies to move new technologies from early stage R&D to clinical testing—and, hopefully—transform the way we detect, prevent, and manage disease.

Now off course all the other projects that were under Google Life Sciences. Will now be under Life Sciences not much of naming difference, but you can see they don’t want to mix the Google name into it. Off course many of these projects will be funded by the money Google makes. But now investors will see how much money is being made and how much is being loss.


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