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Fitbit To Update App For Windows 10 and Future Update For Xbox

Yesterday Fitbit released a statement for an update coming to Windows 10 and Xbox.

James Park CEO Fitbit

“For a Fitbit user, health and fitness progress helps them make timely decisions throughout the day – from what to order for lunch, to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or what time to go to bed,” said James Park, CEO and Chairman, Fitbit. “As we do across all platforms, we continue to design features that empower people with information and motivation to set and reach goals with engaging experiences through our mobile apps. With the new Windows 10 app, we worked closely with Microsoft to give Windows users an even easier way to access, utilize and interact with the information that matters most to them, across all their Windows devices, to further support them in their fitness journey.”

As a Fibit user I am excited to see what amazing features will be coming. But as a Windows 10 user this is exciting news because now seeing all my info from an app showing live information. I can’t wait for Cortana to come to Windows 10 (I live in Canada). Then I will be able to say Fitbit I just ran 1 mile and the information will update itself.

Fitbit now that it’s a public company it has the money for this type of R&D. And if we see more developers do this with the Windows ecosystem it could be a game changer in the future. And the Xbox app will be coming out later this year, so when playing games I will be able to see how unhealthy I was and need to go for a walk.

Right now it’s an exciting time to be a Windows fan and Fitbit. Now to go play with the new Fitbit app for Windows 10.


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