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A Great Read Why Mark Zuckerberg Is A Good CEO

Business Insider Adam Levy wrote a great piece about why Mark Zuckerberg is a great CEO.

“Investors panicked at the admission, but Facebook knew it had Instagram and a growing number of teens engaging on that platform.”

It’s true about what he writes because Mark has been very opened to investors when it comes to numbers. But not just to investors he is open as well to users in some points. But when it comes to keeping Facebook alive and well Mark is hitting all the points he bought Instagram before it became a big product. It’s not a huge place for teens. He bought WhatsApp and not it’s almost nearing 1 Billion users. His next gamble is VR we see a lot of companies going the same path. But we still don’t know if it will work out for Facebook.

“Of course, there’s always the chance that VR won’t be the next big computing platform. If that’s the case, I fully expect Zuckerberg to stay true to form: admit when he’s wrong, and pivot to take full advantage of the next big thing.”


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