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What I Think About Beats1 After Listening To It For 2 Hours

Beats1 launched today with main DJ Zane Lowe. For the first 20 minutes there was no connection for and could not listen to the radio. But after waiting and trying it work and I was listening to Zane talk and the music that he choose to play.

I was surprise about that they had ads on the radio even though Apple has a lot of cash. But I guess somethings in radio will never change. But I enjoyed these ads better than the ads I listened to on my local radio. They are small ads with no weird jokes or anything. Example: Just saying that this was sponsor by American Express.(Not sure if they sponsor just giving out an example.)

But the music they were playing was great because some of the music they were playing. Were ones I would probably never listen to because they are not my type. But they did have big artist songs to like Pharrell Williams latest song “Freedom”. And they had indie artist as well playing.

I do believe that Beats1 will be a success. Not because it’s Apple. But because the songs they are playing are not top hits that you are use to listening to all the time. These DJ’s are searching for songs that will change you and help you through out your day with songs you thought you would not enjoy and never hear. And yes because Apple does have the capital to market Beats1.

It’s pretty weird listening to radio again. Because honestly I don;t like listening to radio. When my brother turns it on I just want to listen to my own playlist on my phone. I don’t know if I will keep on listening to Beats1 after the week or month. But if I do that will be new. One reason I will might be that they will not be repeating top hit songs ever 2 hours. Like my local radio and get you annoyed.

You can kinda noticed that Beats1 was to expand more and more.

The big thing I took away was how much Zane likes to say “Worldwide”. I don’t know how much times he said it but he said so many times that I keep saying it now.

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