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Will Fitbit Die In The Future?

It’s second day of trading for new public company Fitbit. They are having a great day in Wall Street. But will Fitbit die in the future? Vauhini Vara from The New Yorker wrote a piece about Fitbit going away like Palm.

Vauhini writes

The Fitbit I.P.O. comes right as Apple stores are beginning to sell the Apple Watch, which has underscored the question of whetherFitbitwill be able to compete with bigger and better-financed rivals—especially those whose products do more than just track their wearers’ health. (Why settle for just tracking your heart rate in an app, when you can also text your loved ones an image of a heart that pulses to the rhythm of your actual heart?)


Fitbit might want to focus, too, on the health information it stores and lets users share with one another. It may not be able to become a Facebook for health stats, but as Palm’s experience showed, one thing the world doesn’t need—not for long, at least—is a company that does only one thing.

I don’t know what Palm is and was. Ya I am still young.

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