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Xbox E3 Conference Round Up

So I just finished watching the Xbox E3 conference and they had lot’s of exclusives. They opened up with a bang with Halo 5 Guardians. We got to see some game play of the game and it looked so amazing. The game was made for the Xbox One like they talked about it. And I can’t wait for the game and play it.

Another big thing they showed of was you will be able to play your Xbox 360 games. Ya you read right. So if you traded your games then that sucks for you.

Tom Howard from Fallout 4 came on stage. To share some news that PC mods that you make in Fallout 4 you will be able to play it on your Xbox One for free. Which is a huge win for Xbox but it’s not exclusive from the looks of it.

We got a small peek for Forza 6. And a beautiful car but I forgot the name of the car.

We continue with some more games and someone from Ubisoft came on stage to talk about The Division. We got more game play and Xbox users will be able to play the Beta on December. But we still don’t have a release date for one of the games I really want to play.

Rainbow 6 got another trailer. And people who buy the game will get Rainbow Vegas/Vegas 2. The game will come out in October 13 2015.

We got more Tom Raider game play. The game looks jaw dropping awesome. But we still DON’T KNOW WHEN THE GAME WILL BE RELEASE. They keep on saying holiday 2015 but no final answer.

But Xbox talked a bit about Windows 10 but not as much. (Thank goodness) But we did get to see why Hololens and Minecraft work together. They show a demo of the Holo Lens with Minecraft and it was so cool to see. That is why Microsoft bought Minecraft.

At the end of the Xbox conference finished by showing some Gear 4. So we now know that Gears 4 is real. They showed some game play and the world of the game. Just wished they showed more light in the game because it was dark game play.

***Now remember Xbox showed off a lot of stuff. I just wrote about the stuff I enjoyed. And hope you enjoyed.


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