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Bethesda E3 Round Up and Explained

Today Bethesda started E3 with a bang. This was Bethesda first time hosting a conference. And it was awesome to see them show off what they have been working on the past years.

They first started by showing of Doom. A game that people knew was being released and shown. The game looks great with advance graphics. Multiplayer is being put into the game as well so you will be able to play the game the with friends. But they showed of a new feature called SnapMode. What SnapMode is basically a fun place to create crazy mods. And show them off to the Doom community. The game will be released next year.

After showing Doom they went and showed of Dishonored 2. People knew the game was coming out because of a mess up that happen when they were practicing on their live stream. So what we know about Dishonored 2 the main playable character will be a female who is called Emily Kaldwin. The game won’t come out this year but next year as well.

They showed up some small updates to the Elder Scrolls Online which was released for the Xbox One and PS4.

A new Elder Scrolls Online game called Legends is an online trading card game. Which will be free download and for the iPad and PC.


The big news and what people really wanted to see and hear was about Fallout 4. Bethesda showed off some new game play of Fallout 4. You will be able to play as Male or Female in the game. (Yes you get to have a dog friend) The game play that they showed off was beautiful to see and experience. When your in the game and you get your pip boy, you will get a new updated one. Some of the features of the game is you will be able to rebuild some stuff in the game. Upgrade your armor. And off course the game will be out in November 10 2015.

But they also had a surprise at the end for all of us. They made a game for iOS called Fallout Shelter. Which you can download right now for free in the app store.

Keep up with Fallout 4 and the rest of E3 right here.


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