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One More Thing…Apple Music

Tim Cook had one more thing to share with everyone. And that was Apple Music, we saw this coming for a while now but today at WWDC. Drake the Canadian artist was on hand to talk more about Apple new feature and how it would work.

Apple Music will cost $9.99 after you use your free 3 months. You will be able to use the service on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, and PC starting on June 30th. Apple Music will also be released on android later in the year to.

So how will it work?

The Apple Music streaming service relies heavily on streams curated by music megastars like Pharrell and Drake (Drake was on hand at WWDC to announce the new service).

The new Apple Music app features your recent purchases and the music that’s played recently. You can add your own art to your playlists.

A suggestion engine called “For You” uses a combination of algorithms and human choice to present relevant music stream. At the start, the app asks you what kinds of genres of music you like, then what specific artists. It then combines that information with data on the iTunes purchases you’ve made in the past to create a tailored music stream. For You can also surface playlists from top artists, top songs, and top videos.

Source: VentureBeat

Apple has already kinda a heads up on the game. It has millions of credit card stored on their platform from users. So signing up will be super easy for them.

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