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Making The Bible Look Simple and Beautiful on The iPhone

Today I was scrolling through Fast Company website and saw this article about a Bible app on the iPhone. (Disclaimer: I have a Bible app on my iPhone) And as a Christian this got my attention so I clicked the article. And found myself reading about an ex-Apple employee and a Twitter designer who worked on a Bible app and released it today on the app store it’s called NeuBible.

Now I own a bible app and use it on Sundays when I go to church. The one I use is so messy but it’s one of the best ones in the app store. It has many versions of the Bible and has many languages many of the reasons why I still have it. (I switch from English to Spanish from time to time)

The NeuBible app is so simple and beautiful that I have yet to buy it($2.29) but I will probably buy it after I finish writing this post about it. In the bottom of this post I will share with you some images of the bible app.


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