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No One Wants To Hire Me, I Started A Youtube Channel And A Podcast

For the past year I been trying to get a part time job to help myself and off course my parents. But I have had no luck, I will go with my dad to help him out at his work. I still go to work with him sometimes when he ask for it and whenever he can take me with him. But on the days when I don’t go to work with him, I started thinking what I can do to make money on the side. Because I need to start my life and can not depend on my dad taking me to work with him I need to start making my life work.

So that is why I have joined Youtube’s partner program where they share a bit of their ad money with Youtubers. I been posting videos on Youtube since last summer with only a couple of hundred views. I know that people are not going to see my videos really fast, I have to be patient and wait. I started posting videos because I enjoy taking about technology and so decided to start taking about that in my videos. You can find me on Youtube by just clicking here you can help me by subscribing to my channel to keep up with it.

I also started a mini company called Where I host 3 podcast right now one called instatalk, the other one is called Nerding Out Out, and The Daniel Roman Show. I started podcasting because I see a platform that has yet to come out fully. But really I also am podcasting because I have to start hustling out there to start making a life for myself.


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  1. Eric

    Hi I am a father of four children whom has been unemployed for 4 years now and its not from a lack of trying. I have gaps in my resume, in know that’s the reason.


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