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Why I Started Podcasting?

So podcasting has been getting lots of hype with the help of the infamous Serial by This American Life. I was never into podcasting and never listen to any show. Until everyone was talking about Serial, so I downloaded a podcast app Castro to listen and download the episodes.

I finished the series in about 2 weeks and now I am waiting for season 2 which got crowd funded.

Thanks to podcast like Serial I started to listen to some other podcast. And got me thinking about why I don’t start my own with a couple of friends and talk about stuff we enjoy.

Now I started my own it’s called instatalk I know it’s a bit cheesy. Instatalk is a podcast where I and another friend take about technology. We break down the news and tell you what we think about each topic that we are breaking down with you. But sometimes….ok always we break away from technology and talk about comics and other news we try not to only talk about technology because we also have other hobbies that you could enjoy and because it’s our own mini audio station without any blocks.

This is why I just started podcasting and you can download or check out our first two episodes on iTunes.

My plan for this podcast is to become start a community where we are all listening to something we enjoy.


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