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Snapchat has come along ways from just being a sexiting app. Now the app is worth around $10Billion to some people. But today the app got a huge update that could move it from messaging to media content company.

It had been rumored that Snapchat was working on a Discover mode which today we found out it was true. So an app like Snapchat can not be making money from just disappearing messages/photos. Snapchat is copying what Facebook did to. People will not stay in your platform if your just seeing cat, and selfies on Facebook. What Facebook did was add content to your feed so you had other stuff to see what you enjoyed to see too.

But today we saw that Snapchat did not only allow sites like Vice and MTV to jump on board. It allowed companies like National Geographic, and CNN. To have content for everyone who uses the app.

Off course this partnership that Snapchat made with these companies. They will have ads to show because Snapchat was not really making any money.

You can add me on Snapchat by taping the ghost in the photo with your camera.


Or by adding me @idanielroman


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