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I Went To Best Buy And Found Something Interesting

Yesterday Boxing Day happen if your not Canadian then your probably wondering WTF is Boxing Day? Well Boxing day is when we get crazy deals right after Christmas. Off course we are only getting this deals so that stores can clear their inventory.

So back to the post when I went to Best Buy yesterday I went to the wearable section of the store. Yes they have a small tiny section where they sell Fitbits to the Pebble smartwatch. And I found something interesting that people are buying these wearable’s. I went around 3.00pm and almost did not get my wearable. People bought android wear smartwatches, Jawbone and Fitbit products and they were almost sold out. Now this is big because they could mean people are ready for wearable tech and not just the hardcore geeks like me.

If your wondering what I got it’s a Pebble smartwatch. I have owned android wear, Fitbit, and Nike Fuelband SE so I am not new at the wearable game.

Photo 2014-12-27, 7 40 25 PM

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