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Why I Care About Keyboards On My iPhone Or Any Other Phone

I am writing this post very late and you will probably read it in the morning when your waking up. So I got this topic stuck in my head about keyboards on iOS ever since Apple allowed 3rd party keyboards to their OS. I been happy because I never liked the stock keyboard from the iPhone. I enjoyed the ones you get from the app store. So I wanted to share why I care so much about keyboards on my phone.

When it comes to doing less is big for me we live in a busy world. Where if your not paying attention to what’s around you, your not in the game. So when it comes to Swyping on keyboards makes my tweeting faster. But swyping is not all that is important. Design on the keyboard as to be great or else I will never touch the keyboard again on my phone. Prediction is a big one when I am typing on the phone I don’t want to spell the whole word I want to the app to spell out for me so I just click the word and onto the next one. And not least size of each key on the keyboard as to be perfect. The key size on the stock keyboard is not great for me sure I have small hands to I can type perfectly. But if your key sizes are not good that is another reason I will not touch your app. I have downloaded a couple keyboards like Swiftkey which is a great at prediction. Swype for swyping my tweets really fast. Fleksy when I need a big version or small version of a keyboard or lots of gestures your great. Minuum you still need lots of work for prediction based it chooses the wrong word every time I type.

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