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Betaworks Releases #Homescreen For Finding New Apps


We love finding new apps or downloading the next big app. Betaworks the venture capital firm launched a new app called #Homescreen. The whole point of the app is to take a screenshot of your phone and uploaded to social networks like Twitter or Facebook. So others can see what apps you are using.

When you go and check what others are using you can hover over the apps to show you the description of the app and where you can download it. Also shares with you the #Homescreen users who have downloaded the app.

And there is off course a section where you can check out the top apps that are being downloaded the most onto the homescreen. Betaworks goes into much more detail about the information what we can learn about home screen apps and what people use more. You can read their medium post here

More information can be found on Techcrunch and you can download the app for free here.

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