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Why I Think Uber Might Partner Up With Spotify

So a lot of news sites are saying that Monday Uner might be partnering up with Spotify the music app.

New-Logo-Vertical-Dark Spotify.svg

And I wanted to give my take on what I think about the partnership that might happen between the two companies. But first I want to explain how this will work with the user. So first of course you will need to download the Uber app and the Spotify app to make this work. When you are ordering an Uber to come and pick you up through the app you will have an option. To add music when you are in your Uber ride and choose what type of songs you want to listen to while on your ride to point A to point B.

So what I think about these two companies partnering up? I think it’s a great idea for the user and off course the companies. Some times when you are in the move you want to listen to the music you enjoy and like. Now with this when you enter your Uber you will be able to hear some Beyonce or other artist. Now of course I still don’t know how this will work and if they are even partnering up. But they are saying by Monday we will find out what the fuzz is all about.

I will be reading about how this might work.

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