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TwoDots Is An Addicting For Me


Was up on this quiet Saturday night while I was in the app store, yes that’s how I am spending my night. Searching the app store I was in the games section which I never really go into because I don’t want to waste my time. I found this game called TwoDots I know I am late to the game that many of you have been playing it for a while now. I just found about the game and it looked simple and fun so I downloaded and started too play it. I was playing it for an hour and enjoy the game. Now I don’t play games on my phone because of memory, battery, and waste of my time. But I really like this game because it helps your brain with patterns and makes you think.

Like I wrote it is a simple game which the whole point of the game is to connect the dots. But you only have a certain about of moves to connect to colors needed. I highly recommend the game it might waste your time but for an hour or so you can help your brain power improve.

If you want to download the game just click here. It is for for iOS and now for android as well.


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