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I am Tracking My Sleep With An App

Runtastic’s new Sleep Better app is supposed to help you sleep. There is no wearable or any second product you have to buy to use the product. So I downloaded the app to check out how it works. When setting up your alarm clock the app choose a 30 min opening and tries to figure your best time to wake up. Then you have options you can choose from to help the app show you some more info you can choose if you had a late night snack, you went for a workout, and much more. You don’t have to choose any of the options if you just had a normal day. Then you just place your phone on your bed better if you place it near your head.

So I tried out the app and set up my time did not choose any of the options because I did not do any of the stuff that they offer in the option settings. After I placed it on the bed near me and press start. When I woke up and showed me that I have a 98% efficiency when it came to sleeping. Now I only have the free plan on the app so it does not show me all the information to unlock all the features you have to pay 1.99 for it.

You can add the app to the Health app that app is has on it’s iOS. To keep track of it there as well. You can download the app for android and iOS for free for the basic features.


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