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Computers To Think Like The Human Brain?

Should we be building computers that can think like us and or not? Google wants to build computers that can think for themselves which I think they are pretty close to. Larry Page CEO of Google wants this to happen. But Elon Musk founder of SpaceX and Telsa Motors thinks having computers that think for themselves is a terrible idea. Here are my thoughts on this subject matter.

The pros of having computer thinking like a human. Let’s take the self driving car for an example. We as humans when we drive we are not perfect when we drive around we are distracted with our coffee, smartphones, and with one another. A computer car would not have these distraction they would focus on driving only and not on a smartphone. Life’s would be safe and we would be able to do whatever we would like in the car when getting to point A to point B. We would be able to do work or talk to friends without looking at street. Life in some ways would be easy to go about just with using our smartphones we need these devices to get through our day. Image when the smartphone gets even smarter and it knows so much about you that you don’t have to do anything anymore.

The cons they could take over the world. They would kill us off if they saw us standing in their way. I guess I can see why Elon Musk is a bit scared when it comes to computers thinking like humans.


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