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How Apple Can Change Almost Anything

Over the years Apple has changed our lives with their line of products and software. The iPhone was a game changer application were created to help our daily life’s. The iPod line up changed how we heard music and what was cool at the time. iTunes was changer for musicians they had to sell their music for less or else they weren’t aloud to upload their music to iTunes. iPads were something that nobody thought we would ever need and for what it was going to be use for. Watch is a product that has yet to be release but sure to change the wearable game.

Now today iOS 8.1 update was release for the public which opened up a feature to iPhone 6 and 6Plus users which was Apple Pay. To use Apple Pay all you have to do is upload your credit card info to Passbook and from their you just have to look for the wireless sign to use Pay. But Apple Pay is a feature which will change how we use credit card and if we carry many anymore. For years companies have been doing this what Apple has just done today. But the difference is that Apple has the support of stores but most important bankers. Having this support brings some confidence to people that their information will be safe. Now Bankers have said that Apple will not be making or be getting a cut when Apple Pay is being used.

Just seeing how Apple can bring a feature that for many companies like Google and others have hard trouble to make it mainstream is something to see and learn from. Now I don’t have the iPhone 6 or 6Plus so I will not be able to try out this feature but I would be able when I get the Watch whenever it gets released.

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