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Why Apple Pay Will Change My Life and Yours

So Apple for a while had Passbook installed in every iPhone. I got in an iPhone this year and did not use Passbook right away. But now that Apple Pay is coming on Monday with iOS 8.1 update which you will need to have to use Apple Pay. I recently went to Passbook and start to check out the app and I found out a lot of the stores I go to have mixed their business with Passbook like Chapters a bookstore let’s me add their points card to Passbook. But there are other stores that don’t have their business with Passbook which is just wrong. But all this might change when Pay comes on Monday. People will want to use their phones to pay for things and not have to pay with their credit card. Now I am not saying that coming Monday everyone will want to pay with their phones we as people still don’t trust that our bank info will be safe in these phones.

But Apple pay will be a game changer for online shopping on the iPhone and iPad. I already use Passbook for when I go shopping at Chapters I don’t take out the card anymore. But it will change how we pay in the coming months and years because we carry so much cards behind our butts if your a men and in a purse if your a woman. I know I will be adding all the cards to Passbook so when it comes to pay it will be fast and no more wallet.


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