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I am Writing This Before The Walking Dead Season 5 Starts

I wanted to write a small post about how Twitter has helped me since starting out. When I made a Twitter account the design was awful and it kept crashing. The worst part was I was soo young that I did not even know what Twitter was. All I knew that it was going to be big because I made an account. After a months I quiet Twitter because non of my friends were on this social network they were all in Facebook. 3 years past and I made a new account which is @idanielroman the one I been using ever since. I open the account and started to look at Twitter differently because I knew non of my friends were on it. But I wanted to open an account because I saw Twitter as my news service and keeping up to world news as well I wanted to follow my favourite photographers and icons.

I know use Twitter to keep up in the world we live in right now. As well I use it to communicate with people who I never even dreamed about so like I get to tweet the Prime Minister of Canada or tweet Jack.

Twitter has not only changed the world we live in and changes business as well how we get stuff. It has also changed the way I get fed with information and it helps my OCD. That’s a story for another day.

How has Twitter changed your way and what do you use it for if you even use it.

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