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Writing On The Blog While Listening To Something……..

So everyone has different way’s when they are writing some write in peace and quiet others write when it’s busy while others write with some music. Now I don’t usually write with music because it used to be not fun mostly when listening to rap which I enjoy a lot. But I decided to open the Spotify music app and went to the classical section where they had an extreme classical section. I went to the section shuffle the music and off I went. Now I also have enjoyed classical music for a very long time when I want to relax I just play that type of music.

I am not saying that you should listen to classical music as well if you want go right ahead. But try listening to music that will make you more productive with your daily life. If listening to Taylor Swift is the way for you then go right ahead, heck I bought her Shake it Off song but I don’t listen to her when I am doing work or writing here.

Download the Spotify app and find something that can help you.

Enjoy your weekend and listen to something. Tell me in the comments below what you do to get SHIT done.

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