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Inspiration From Foundation and a Twitter User

Well first off it’s been a week of me blogging every single day which is hard enough for me.(Coming up with stuff to write) I bet your wondering why the fuck I am writing everyday on the blog. My answer is I was listening to a podcast and the guest was a blogger who was ask if he blogs once per week. His answer was he post on his blog everyday because it’s easier to remember then remembering once a week for him. So I took his advice and now I am trying to keep that promise to myself that I shall blog once a week.

Today I wanted to write about inspiration and where I get mine. This week I found a video site called which is hosted by Kevin Rose and on the show some of the guest are Jack Dorsey the co-founder of Twitter and the co-founder of Square. This site which has more than 10 videos of interviews of famous founders and people in the tech world has helped me. How? Well it’s information that these people are giving out in the interviews which if you can’t meet them you can listen to them and take notes because they share some great advice in the video. That’s I guess my inspiration site of the week there are some great interviews in the site which you should go and check out.

To end this I was on Twitter checking out the feed when I came across a tweet from Dave Winer. He tweeted out this…

Dave Winer reply back to me

That there what Dave Winer tweeted back to me was something I am going to try and keep just like he has done for his own blog.

You can follow him here.

Until next time..

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